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Budaya Batak Iklan selama 2 bulan - 7 April

Prabowo Angry and Do Not Want to Answer Questions Reporters Jakarta Post

ABAH TIPS - Prabowo Angry and Do Not Want to Answer Questions Reporters Jakarta Post. You will see a video that lasted 6 minutes. The contents of this video is when the Indonesian Presidential Candidate Prabowo special press conference held overseas in foreign languages​​.

Prabowo Angry and Do Not Want to Answer Questions Reporters Jakarta Post

There was a funny incident in this video. Wherein when one reporter asked The Jakarta Post, Prabowo even grumpy and did not want to answer questions from the reporter.

Next please watch the video below.

Intel's more industrious with the "Internet of Things"

ABAH TIPS - Intel's more industrious with the "Internet of Things". Internet of Things (IOT) is the concept of a future where all devices are connected to the Internet network. This interconnection enables a wide variety of scenarios in various fields, such as the house lights and air conditioning that can be controlled remotely.

SNSD Terpilih sebagai Model untuk Intel Asia (Foto: Google Image)
SNSD Selected as Model for Intel Asia (Photo: Google image)

Chip giant Intel did not want to miss the trend is more prominent in recent IOT. Manufacturer who claims to have over 35 years experience developing this concept IOT want to be the backbone of the IOT penetration globally through its products.

"In this case, Intel has a processor Quark and Galileo for use in the microcontroller, there is also a whole computer Edison condense inside the packaging size of the SD Card," said Channel Business Director, Intel Indonesia Harry K. Nugraha when met after Intel's Media Gathering event in Jakarta, Wednesday (07/16/2014).

Products earlier Intel chips can be used in a variety of devices in a variety of industries, ranging from transportation, retail, to health, to run the protocol machine to machine. "So it is not merely a form of computer that has a screen and keyboard," added Harry.

IOT has become one of the main focus of Intel in the future, alongside other key areas, such as mobile and wearable devices.

Earlier this month, Intel together with Broadcom, Dell, and Samsung Electronics and Atmel Open Interconnect Consortium to establish a standard set of interconnection devices incorporated in the IOT.

But the consortium is not the only one because there are other standard setters named AllSeen Alliance which was established in December last year. Its members include Haier, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, Technicolor, Silicon Image, and TP-Link.

Scale IOT will continue to grow in the future. In 2020, the research institute Gartner predicts the Internet of Things will be occupied by as many as 26 billion devices.

Source News: http://tekno.kompas.com/

Creating Content Articles Blog SEO In 60 Seconds

Creating Content Articles Blog SEO In 60 Seconds - In the blogging world there are so many SEO techniques and ways that too often change. What should you do to try to optimize your blog posts for search engines in order to get more search traffic?

Creating Content Articles Blog SEO In 60 Seconds

Search Engine Optimization also requires time. How can you find the time to optimize each of your blog posts to maximize their search traffic?

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization expert to help you optimize your blog posts to show up in search results can be costly. How can you optimize your blog posts to increase search traffic without paying a lot of money?

Fortunately, there are some tricks that can be applied to every one of your blog posts, and it will take you less than 60 seconds on average to do so. Also, it will not cost you a dime! Applying the following techniques for each blog post you write, and you will start to see more search traffic to your blog as a whole. It was worth the extra minute per post in terms of long-term traffic that can be derived from simple steps.

1. Keyword Use in Title Blog Post
Post title should always sounds natural, and you must include target keywords or keyword phrases in the title of your blog post. However, you should avoid duplicate keywords in the title of the blog post. Optimize the post titles for search engines is important to increase search traffic to your blog, but can also negatively affect the traffic coming to your blog from other sources. For example, people are more likely to click on a link to your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook, or other social sharing tools if the title of the blog post is interesting and attractive than if it is stuffed with keywords.

2. Writing Meta Description with Keywords
Many blogging application makes it easy for a blogger to write specific meta description (found in the source code of any web page) for individual blog posts. Take the time to write an interesting meta description and enter your keywords in it. Once again, before you can use keywords and still have a meta description . When your blog posts are provided in the search engine results, the meta description is seen as descriptions describe the content on the page to make sure that this quote is interesting enough to convince people to click on links to posts and visiting your blog.

3. Use Keywords In Each Paragraph Post
Try to use your keywords in your blog posts as early as possible, especially in the first paragraph. Make sure you do not enter a key word over and over to your blog post with keywords with keywords that can be characterized by the same because Google and other search engines as spam . Always make sure your keywords in your post sounds natural.

4. Linking Internal and External Links
You should try to connect the keyword phrases that are relevant to another post. Make sure you do not add too many links in your blog posts , or posts you may be marked as spam. It is also a good idea to link to external blogs and websites later in your blog post to indicate that the blog is connected with a high quality website.

5. Blog Post Writing Long Enough
While it is true that the best blog posts are usually shorter (so they are easy to consume) but do not write posts that are too short. Good rule of thumb is to always write a post that is at least 300 words . This length also gives you the opportunity to use the primary keyword and two times without looking like keyword stuffing.

Source: bluesforyou blog

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content Protected From Boring Factor

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content Protected From Boring Factor - Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impact, so follow the tips to put yourself on the path to blogging success.

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content Protected From Boring Factor

1. Personality set
Is the content of your blog have a personality? Do you want to hang out with your blog content? If your item will make you bored and made ​​a wish to sleep, why would anyone want to take time out of their busy day to read your blog? The first step to change the dull-looking blog content become the gold content is to inject your personality into it. You can create a personality that matches the content of your blog. You can follow the route, but make sure you are consistent in your personality.

2. Be Reliable and Consistent
Once again, confuse readers is a recipe for failure. You need to earn their trust by setting expectations for the content of your blog and meet their expectations again and again. Your audience must believe that your item will consistently meet their expectations every time they visit. If not, they will spread the word to others about your blog because they do not believe that the experience of their friends will get when they visit will be satisfactory. Eventually, they may stop reading your blog fully.

A basic steps to build a consistent brand. That's because the confusion is the number one killer, and of course the blog can be a source of death. With consistency comes confidence, which leads to loyalty. It's a step you can not miss if you want your blog to grow and be successful.

3. Writing with Authority
No one will read your blog if your blog content is filled with uncertainty. Be confident in what you know and think, and to write with authority. If the topic of your blog is about something that you are very experienced, then you must continue to demonstrate through your content that you are an authority on your subject.

If you are not an expert on your topic, but have confidence in your item, it is enough to produce the perception of authority. If you believe in yourself, writing with an authoritative tone, and can back up that authoritative tone with knowledge or experience, you 're on your way to transform dull content into great content.

4. Show Passion In Topic
As mentioned above, it's okay if you are not an authority in the subject matter of your blog. If you are passionate about your topic, then let the passion that shows through the content of your blog. Passion can be contagious! It can also organize your content apart from boring content found on other blogs about your topic.

There are a host of reasons why infomercials are so animated and passionate about the products they are hyping. That passion makes people interested. Imagine if you can inject the same level of passion to your blog content. The word will spread and the possibility that even people who never thought they would be interested in the topic of your blog will visit to see what you are saying.

5. Building Relationships, Not a Follower
If you really want to set your blog to succeed, write content to build relationships, not just the number of followers. It extends to write your blog posts and your blog comments and any other interaction related to your blog, such as email messages, Twitter updates, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and so on.

The most successful blogs have a strong community of people behind them. People do not just "Follower" . Instead, they interact with the blogger and other visitors to the blog.

You need to focus on interacting with people and really connect with them by engaging them through the content of your blog, comments, and so on. Acknowledge them and talk to them online as if you met in person, so you have a better chance to build a lasting relationship that will eventually translate into loyalty.

Source : 5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content Protected From Boring Factor

Making Blogs Easy Access Around the World

Making Blogs Easy Access Around the World - The main goal of most bloggers (the majority) is to make the blog generated a lot of traffic from across the region and not just in one particular area When creating a website or blog especially for online businesses, things to consider are beginning to step must consider how it can be accessed by cultures with different languages ​​around the world. Being able to connect with different people from different areas is a big advantage so it is important to understand how to reach out to as many people as possible, not just certain groups. To allow this, then here are some simple tips on how you can blog to connect with people from other cultures and increase potential market your website or blog. Factors that should be considered to Make Blogging Easy Access Around the World in is:

Making Blogs Easy Access Around the World

1. Grammar
Use English in an English speaking country is actually fine, but keep in mind is the language that you use to keep it simple. Use words that can be easily digested or understood by everyone (especially the loyal customers), but does not eliminate the quality of your blog content. Sign or symbol that is actually not so very necessary in a content can be removed to further clarify the content of such content from content like humor.

2. Style of language
Although only a manner of writing style, in a blog is also very influential and is considered by the people who visit the blog. Content it would prefer to read a lot more comfortable if the people and visitors feel comfortable and relaxed in using the language that you use. However, although the language nyantai impressed more enjoy to read, does not mean that content must be much use language rambling and degrade the quality of the content.

3. Note Design
What people see the first in a blog or website is the design . When visitors to the different cultures visiting your blog site, then you need to take the most neutral design that will appeal to most people and encourage them to come back again. Try experimenting on your design before it went public, and be careful not to offend other cultures. Choose colors, animations, videos and images are accepted by other countries.

4. Use Translating
Widget or a language translation tool is very important and useful especially if visitors do not understand the language used in your blog site. Lots of language translation tool which can be used for free, such as Google Translate. If you add the translator widget into your blog site to be very helpful in bridging communication barriers between you and your foreign visitors. Widgets translating tool can be used in a variety of models to suit the needs of the layout of your blog template. For example, let's say as in making the flag translating blogs and much more.

All the points of simple tips to Make Blogging Easy Access Around the World in this is a picture that is clearly visible in the eye. For further optimization in order to create a blog much less specifically used for business should certainly do more SEO optimization in order to more easily recognizable to promote its products. That way, if your blog is already known then it would be easier to introduce the latest features of the product as well as what has been updated on the blog.

Source Article: bluesforyou blogs

Spam Classification In Accounts/Blog Blogger and Consequence

Spam Classification In Accounts/Blog Blogger and Consequence

Spam Classification In Accounts / Blog Blogger and consequence

There are many internet users who are unaware that their account activity ( either Blogger account , Google , forums , social bookmarking, social media , and the accounts of others in the online world ) can get into the spam classification . Instantly the account goes into the spam classification , the consequences vary, from entering into the account category to watch to be removed and permanently banned , either in a service website , as well as in a network of websites which is incorporated in the scope of the database spam , for example StopForumSpam and Akismet .

Likewise, Blogger and Blogger blog account itself ; which incidentally is manifest from Google , and " unfortunately " , Google is one of the very keen to combat spam . Accounts and your blog is actually " vulnerable " to the classification of spam , but it is rarely recognized is not it? There have been many questions and complaints arising in connection with this , including :
  • Why did my comment go straight into the spam category after I publish a comment on my friend's blog?
  • Why do I get the information " suspicious activity " when logged into my Blogger dashboard ?
And more peaks again ,
  • Why my blog removed ?
  • Why Blogger account / Google I locked ( or removed ) ?
Blogger and Spam
My aim in writing this article is to raise " awareness" of the spam case ( which is not the case known as spam) , which then leads to questions such as the above example appears . Unfortunately , questions were raised after the event to the account or a blog , and thereafter the process is much heavier than the steps of his anticipatory and preventive . Removal of this blog are the consequences caused by the violation of the TOS and Content Policy Blogger / Google , and one of them is : SPAM .

Blogger ( in this case of course also Google ) impose a variety of processes to detect spam from automatic to manual , from one algorithm to the other recent algorithms , by studying a variety of behaviors and new spam patterns encountered . The process is layered , just like when we talk about Google's search engine algorithms . Well , of course , there are several classifications or categories that are used to detect spam on your account activity and blog .

Blogger Spam Classification
1 . Spammy content ( or indicate a spam )
It would be very " fuzzy " when I talk about the content of spam , because it would be a lot of excuses saying that " my content is not spam ! " , But at least there is a small picture of the spam content . Content , or the content of the page , not only the article , but all the elements that are part and form the page . Good text , images , links, navigation, etc. , is no exception : the ad .

This topic becomes warm after the elimination of massive Blogger blogs . Then Santer rumors that it was because the amount of advertising. Even also been linked with dynosaurus algorithm ( which actually is no clarity yet ! ) . Though there is absolutely no direct link ! Despite being in the same shade : Google , but Blogger and Google Search are two different products . When talking about the elimination of the blog , we talk about the Blogger spam detection ( which also uses the algorithm ) , and not about the algo dynosaurus ! Although both can be to have a base or a similar rationale , as both are Google products .

What is the spammy content ? Once again , we are talking about Blogger , so this is not just about keywords repetitive , redundant link building and the like , although these also contribute . Content included in the category of spam is content intended to draw traffic to a destination other than the content , aka money , backlinks , and to bring traffic to another destination . Thus the content is usually not well organized , does not have clear navigation . Because intended for presentation in addition to the content itself , usually perfunctory then filled with garbage content .

Spammy content in this concept also includes syndicated content ( feeds ) , the result of the scrapping of the content of other websites aka Copas (copy paste) , AGC content , autoblog , and the like . Why are thus categorized as spammy content ? Because such content is usually only used to attract visitors for other purposes , and a duplication of pre-existing content . Therefore , Blogger put it into the spam category .

2 . Blogs and Blog Content Without Cloning Contains Content
Blog this kind usually used for link building ( dummy blog ) , or for the purpose of a splog ( spam blog ) . At first blogs was empty , but then within a short time filled with huddled content , similar to the cloning process. The process can be of the import and export , or copy and paste the results from other blogs and autoblog . Then , the content in - cloned into various blogs ( in the thousands ) . Behavior is then inserted into the Blogger spam detection , and blogs that are detected later dilibas indiscriminately , so that then also sometimes overwrite the contents of the blog with a legitimate ( false positive cases ) .

3 . Links to sites Spam
Other indications are excessive outgoing links , and towards the websites being viewed Blogger / Google as a spam site , low quality , or dangerous . Among these sites , there are affiliate sites , or sites of schemes "make money online " with no quality content , involved in the PTS scheme (Pay to Surf ), PTC ( Pay to Click) , and advertising schemes of non-organic other . Blog or website content so usually filled with too perfunctory .

Inorganic advertising scheme is a scheme that is obtained by means of advertising is not natural , deliberately herded visitors to visit the site or click on the ads with the lure of money , for example, yes it was PTS , to lead the people to the site, and PTC , provides an incentive to the the people who want to click on ads . While organic advertising is advertising without interference advertiser or a publisher: a visitor viewing the ad, interested , and click through to the website purpose , which is not interested , so be it . It's a fair way and generate quality traffic . Publishers are paid for providing content and advertising space that provides an opportunity for visitors to visit your site or buy the advertised product .

The rest, about advertising , ads above the folds , and others I have discussed here :

In connection with the commercialization of the site p * rno , Blogger also confirms this :
Do not use Blogger as a means to earn money from adult content . For example , do not create blogs with content is ads or links to commercial sites p * rno .
4 . Comments are repeatedly Marked as Spam by Owner Other Blogs
A very valuable comments for blog owners and commentators themselves , but on the other hand , a comment is also dangerous for both of them. The system will categorize Blogger account and your blog as spam automatically when :

Many blog owners who enter / categorize your comment into spam .
Many blog owners who enter / categorize the contents of a same or similar comments , from various spammers comments into spam .

Well , the core is simple , type your comment or your comment is not desired by many blog owners , of course, because your comment spammy, so the blog owner to feel embarrassed by these spam comments .

5 . Posting Frequency Excessive / The Outer Limits Fair
Have you ever made ​​a post many times on the blog , then the number of postings in a particular post shall appear captcha solved before it is published ? Blogger regard this pattern as it is not fair and beyond human ability . My personal reason , too, if an article is written and then published , it took quite a logical prediction is to be able to write and publish my next article . And of course , limits the ability of a human being is not too high to make a couple of articles on an ongoing basis within a certain time limit , well ... say in a day .

The pattern is then made ​​on the Blogger suspicious spam content , there are 2 kinds of suspicion :
1 . Posting is done by robots ( autoblog , AGC )
2 . Post is the result of scrapping are blindly .

Not presented in detail in the Blogger Content Policy limits what the exact number , but I suspect the numbers fluctuate in line with the trend going . I am also sure that no limit to the number delivered so that the gap is unknown .

5 points above spam violations are major or major , minor , while there are a lot of factors , but all of them core to it 5 .

Blogger Spam Policy Violation Consequences
The consequences vary depending on the level of offense committed . These consequences also apply to violations outside spam policy violation . I will only convey his points only and will discuss it further, including the solution , on the other occasion .
  • Comment directly into the category of " Spam " automatically .
  • Captcha must fill out properly before issuing post .
  • Blogger account is locked , in this case also includes a Google account .
  • Blog deleted .
One thing that must be stressed is , when you are ready and start using a service , including service Blogger / Google , then you are automatically agreeing to adhere to the various definitions of service ( TOS ) and the policies imposed by the service. With or without realizing it , you have agreed to a contract with the service provider . Once the service that we use for active , then we are obliged to follow the regulations , including spam policy . No exception to the Blogger service , if you use it for things that support spam , then you are ready to take the consequences . Good or bad , like it or not, agree or disagree , the consequences remain. Welcome to Blogger !

Source: Klasifikasi Spam Pada Akun/Blog Blogger dan Konsekuensinya

Symbols Secret Facebook Tricks, Cool and Unique

Symbols Secret Facebook Tricks, Cool and Unique - The following article is the secret tricks of Facebook to display a certain simbol.gambar . Interestingly , as it turns out Facebook has a lot of surprises that will appear when you press a keyboard button or typing a few certain character combinations . Well , maybe a short break from the blog and Facebook would be fun to play with .

Maybe some bro and sis already know , but there's no harm if we check it again . Maybe some of the following combinations can not work on certain browsers and OS . To prove it , please try it.

Symbols Secret Facebook Tricks, Cool and Unique
In the chat box :
1 . Type < 3 it would appear reddish colored hearts ..
2 . Type : putnam : it will display the picture of a person who looks up to the top . He named Chris Putnam, a Facebook software experts and technicians .
3 . Type < ( " ) penguin image will appear funny .
4 . Type * in front of and behind the word or phrase , for example * hi ! * It would appear hi ! ( in bold letters ) .
5 . Type the _ (underscore ) in front of and behind the word or phrase , for example : _important_ the important words will be underlined : important .

Facebook symbols with basic Alt key :
Facebook symbols using the Alt key basis for the command display Unicode symbols in Facebook.Anda can display it in the chat box , status , message / messages , even the name of the account .

Previously , there are several conditions that the symbols can be displayed .

a. In the PC / Desktop Computer
Press and hold left Alt key ( Alt key on the left side of the keyboard ) and then press a number key on the numpad , the number keys on the right side of the keyboard , not the one above the letter keys .

b . In Laptop / Notebook
Press the left Alt and Fn simultaneously, hold and press the number . Note : this is not the number keys at the top of the letter but that usually exist on the keys U , I, O , .... and so on . Alternative : Copy these symbols and paste directly into your Facebook

The following commands and symbols :

Key Symbol Key Symbol
Alt + 1 Alt + 17
Alt + 2 Alt + 18
Alt + 3 Alt + 19
Alt + 4 Alt + 20
Alt + 5 Alt + 21 §
Alt + 6 Alt + 22
Alt + 7 Alt + 23
Alt + 8 Alt + 24
Alt + 9 Alt + 25
Alt + 10 Alt + 26
Alt + 11 Alt + 27
Alt + 12 Alt + 28
Alt + 13 Alt + 29
Alt + 14 Alt + 30
Alt + 15 Alt + 31
Alt + 16

Trick symbol above is a small part and will continue to be updated . Please try on Facebook . To facilitate viewing key symbol , please bookmark this page in a browser .
Wait for the next Facebook tricks .

For this trick and happiness to his friends through bookmarking and sharing tool below.

Source: Buka Rahasia

Put the Facebook Badge on Your Blog

Put the Facebook Badge on Your Blog - These days ga chimed in facebook ? Oalaaah .... But no matter ding , it's right respectively . For those of you who are members of facebook and have a blog , and want to display the badge Facebookmu bedge or a blog like this PDA Tips should follow these steps .

Well, here's the steps on how to install the widget facebook blog .

1 . Login to your facebook account .
Put the Facebook Badge on Your Blog
2 . Click the Profile menu / your name ( on the top menu ) .

3 . Next slide your cursor down the left pane, click Create a Profile Badge .

4 . Click the Create Badge .

5 . Perform the settings according to your taste : Layout (Horizontal or Vertical ) , Format ( Image or Javascript ) , Content ( Photo Profile , Name , Network , Email , User Name , Date of Birth , Mobile Number , Website , Latest Status , My Recent Photo , Upcoming Events , Last Note , Post ) .

You can add the widget to Fill by clicking the Add Item button .

5 . When you are finished click the Save button

6 . Copy and paste the code HTML / Javascript into your blog (if it already many bloggers who already can . Ato could also directly from facebook . Choose hosting your blog ( blogger , myspace , typepad ) continue you are required to log -in .

7 . Click ADD A WIDGET and you will automatically be taken to the dash menu blogger / Layout . Perform settings facebook widget positions and the last step click the Save button .