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How To Change Template Blog

How To Change Template Blog - As a blogger is certainly not free from the desire to change the blog template, it is triggered less satisfaction from the blog or just to treat the tedium of daily life in a haunting appearance of a blog.

How To Change Template Blog
I am writing this time addressed to the bloggers who are beginners like me who want to know how to change the blog template to apply to the beloved blog.

How to change the template of this blog I will explain specifically for blogspot users only if you intend to change your wordpress template can not follow the ways as described below. And of course I do not recommend always change the template of your blog as often as possible or to your liking, because it can affect the poor seo on your blog. So if you want to change the template, I would suggest to edit your template also does not even have as much as possible, but in terms of changing the template editing stance would be better than changing the template directly. Besides mastery of HTML, CSS, PHP and so become a benchmark that must be met to edit your template. Nor is it difficult?

Well, If so of course you have no other choice to fulfill your desire to change your blog template in addition to the other ways of finding and getting the templates available on the site is a provider of website templates for free or paid templates. As consideration for the option you are looking for a template providers you can visit sites such as the site include: www.mastemplate.com, www.btemplates.com, www.premiumbtemplates.com and there are very many others. Please just googling ya ..

Just visit the site and choose a template that really suit your liking and of course also have to match the theme of your blog, so do not often change the template of your blog for a long time, my advice is choose a template seo friendly, if you do not know what seo friendly template that you please read the article criteria template seo friendly.

If you've crashed your choice and then click the template please your downloading, the download is usually still shaped template file ZIP, RAR. Please extract the file to unzip or WINRAR software or other software that can be your mainstay unpack the downloaded earlier.

If the downloaded file is extracted then locate the file extension to. Xml, for example seotemplate.xml file. Files. Xml is to be uploaded to your blog, so you can change the template's favorite blog.
how to change the blog template?

I will divide into 2 way, please follow one of the instructions below:

How to Change the blog template 1 (the first way):

1. Login to your blog account, www.blogger.com
Do not forget to copy the widget to your first script is located in the layout menu to notepad or WordPad if just in case you need it again
2. Click Menu Template
3. Click the Backup / Restore
4. Click the Download Full Template - save your original template in advance to keep the case if you want to use it again, and then save the file to your hard drive.
First copy the widget script you are located in the layout menu to notepad or WordPad if just in case you need it again
5. If completed store, please click the 'select file', to retrieve the file. Xml that you downloaded earlier in the drive.
6. If the file has been selected. Their xml just click ok and again click upload
7. Wait until the upload process is complete
8. Completed, the template you've changed, if you want to change back to your previous template you please repeat steps No. 5-7.

How to change blogspot template 2 (second ways):

1. Find the downloaded file extension to. XNL them and then right click, select Open Width> notepad
2. Once open, just highlight the file or click Ctrl + A
3. Copy the file or press the Ctrl + C
4. Log in / log into your blog, (www.blogger.com, fill your email and password)
5. Advance copy of the script widgets by going to the Layout menu do steps 2-3 and keep it in Notepad or WordPad so that it can be used again later.
6. Select Menu Template
7. Click the Edit HTML
8. Hover your cursor in the template editor
9. Press Ctrl + A and press the Del
10. Press Ctrl + V to paste the file. Xml
11. Click the Save Template
12. Finished changing your blog template

If there is a screen asking whether to maintain a widget or not please consider it, if feels like to keep using it please click 'yes' and vice versa, and if you already clicked 'no' when you want to use the widget, you already have a backup widget can be used (copy the widget script that has been stored in the Notepad or WordPad before).

Once again I am reminded that not always change your template as often as possible, because it will aggravate seo in your blog, so choose a template that really fits in your heart and adjust well with the theme of your blog.

Hopefully this article how to change the template of this blog can provide guidance and benefit to you, congratulations greetings bloggers and learn to be a blogger. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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